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    Theresa Backes
    April 04, 2024

    This is the most amazing experience we have ever had. We pulled into the Yuma shop with a flat that would have ruined our entire trip to California. The manager, immediately came over and went above and beyond to read the manual for us, explain our options and kept us informed. We have always used Big O tires and for good reason. Superior and honest customer service.

    neil wolf
    March 23, 2024

    Scheduled a new tire and 4 wheel alignment due to odd tire wear. Everything seemed to be going well until we tried to get an update on the service since we saw the truck was out of the shop. I asked Barney Jones at the counter for an update and got "I don't know" as a reply. Nothing more followed but he did eventually go check and said it was waiting for the test drive. 10 minutes later, the truck is back from the test drive and paperwork dropped at the counter. Nobody cares. My wife and I then ask again about the status and Barney Jones acts like he's never seen us before. We finally get the paperwork to check out and I ask about the alignment since all Barney wants is my credit card without saying anything about the service performed or the results. Again he doesn't know anything but shoves a printout of the alignment at me then gives us attitude when we want simple answers about the service. We're so frustrated we storm out . The owner contacted us later to apologize for the service and also took the time to explain the results of the alignment which was thoughtful and very helpful.

    G J Luke Shoup
    March 01, 2024

    I’ve been going to Big O Tires for service for the last decade and they have never let me down. They’re stocking. Inventory is always filled with just about every service. You could imagine I want to give a big shout out to Erick Cervantes For going above and beyond to give me a quote, and an estimated timeframe for service on another vehicle while making phone calls to request a credit line increase on my Big O Tires card which got approved on the spot. So thank you, Erick I appreciate your time and your hard work and your dedication to Big O Tires!

    Bethany Tracy
    May 13, 2024

    They got me in short notice for a tire repair. (Had a nail in it) They discovered not only did it not need to be replaced but I didn’t even need a patch! Would definitely recommend!

    Wilmer Olsen
    January 14, 2024

    This last week I went to Big O Tire in the Foothills to get a tire sensor replaced on the left front tire. They told me that they would check them all and I said all i need is the front left one replaced. They said they checked them all and it was the front right one and the left one was fine. So, they replaced the right one and took it out for a test drive. Came back and said that now the front left one is bad, and need changed. So again, I said I told you that one was bad the first time. They replaced that one also for the price of just the Sensors no other charge. When they gave the truck back, I notice the front tires had a pressure of only 60 LB I run them at 70 LB (note this is a F-350 Dully that pulls a 21000 trailer). Then I drove around to where they will check tire pressure and the same kid that did the sensor came out and tried to put air into tires and said that they had the wrong tool to do it. (by now I am really getting upset, for one they didn't even ask me what pressure I would like in them when started). I went home and got out my own air compressor and added air to the two front ones and thought while I was at then checked back ones. Low and be hold the extender on the value stem of the outside dully was missing (now I am pissed). I went back to store and ask where the extender was and how unhappy I was. The shop manager started to argue that his people did not take it off and that he would check camera's and get back with me by end of day. End of day came and went and low an behold no call. I went back next day to talk to them, and he came out as I drove up and started talking to me like I was a new customer. I reminded him who I was and that he never called me back. His answer was didn't find anything. I would not recomend my worst enemies to use this store and left. As far as me ever going back to this BIG O TIRE store is not going to happen and I wish I would have looked at their review before going. Stay away from this Big O

    Big O Tires

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    10517 S Frontage Rd, Yuma, AZ 85365, USA

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