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    Marcelino B
    July 15, 2022

    I went to Corona Optique for a yearly check up, the attention is exceptional and the staff at the reception counter is very polite. The decor is really inviting and for an optique office it looks very upscale. The Dr. that tended to me was professional and we striked up a pleasant conversation and made my vision exam a really joyful experience. I also went ahead and got some pairs and the wonderful ladies in the reception area were patient and gave great information about what I could add to the lenses. Loved the experience 10/10 will be returning next year!

    Larry Shores
    January 16, 2024

    I was misled on payment for services at this place. I asked specifically if my insurance covered the exam and glasses and was told yes by two employees. The person where I screened in checked on it and said I had x amount of money left of usable funds from my insurance and I could pay any balance with cash. Then was told the same by the person at a desk who actually takes the order for the glasses. After paying the amount of cash I realized they had not used my insurance and was then told that they could not bill the insurance for the exam I had. Scammers !!

    Guadalupe Iribe
    October 03, 2023

    Dr. Little was thorough in exam. Staff was efficient, helpful and attentive in guiding me throughout the process of selecting glasses. The turnaround time was approximately 1 week from exam date for glasses to be ready for pick up. Glasses fit perfectly.

    Missy Foster
    October 19, 2023

    Went with my Aunt. They didnt tell us that they their second location had moved to a different building in Tuscany Plaza. They also did not tell us that their other office also had a different name. The address we had veen given when aopt wad made was only suite 15. We found out after the fact that Name of second officewas "My Little eye glass shop" or something like that. While my Aunt drove, I called Corona for directions to the office in Tuscany Plaza. They would not give me a building number. They told be it was across the street from Walmart at the opposite end from Neaders. Walmart is actually 2 blocks from Tuscany Plaza. After driving around the plaza for 20 min, we went to the office off 25th street. We went inside and were not greeted. My aunt went to. The desk and one lady looked up at her didnt say anything then went back to typing. My Aunt asked the other women for directions and she would not give directions without getting my Aunts name first. Dont know why she needed a name just for directions. My Aunt was fed-up with all the b.s., did a tactical retreat and walmed out without any further conversation. We went back to the car n left parkibg lot. My Aunt called and asked for a supervisor. She complained about the lack of signage and the emplyees inability to give directions or tell us the building number ofwhere suite 15 was. The supervisor had an attitude in het tobe of voice. She accused my Aunt of being hostile by complaining. Apparently in my opinion, these people are a bunch of communist. You are not allowed to complain. They expect you to kiss their butts and talk to their whiny secretaries like they are 5 yr old little princess. News flash girls, you are in an adult world and should be able to handle adult conversations. They are an embarrassment to all the professional women out there an us women who have served in the military and have prortected the US citizens. My Aunt and I both fall into that catagory. I cant believe this is Communist attitude is hapoening in the Military town of Yuma. And shame on you people for treating my Aunt this was. Sad state of affairs when you are falsely accused of being hostile for complaining on the phone. My Military and Public Safety friends wont being going to Corona Optique. Plenty of other eye doctors in this town. This is just my opinion.

    Lisa Grundon
    September 13, 2023

    After a detached retina, I went to Corona Optique several times. Dr. Brown and Ashley went above and beyond in accommodating my special needs. Very professional and very gracious!!

    Corona Optique

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    2149 W 24th St, Yuma, AZ 85364, USA

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