1435 E 16th St, Yuma, AZ 85365, USA

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    Elizabeth Mendez
    September 29, 2023

    The food was AMAZING. Restaurant is always clean, you walk in there, and you can feel nothing, but good vibes. All the waitresses are amazing. The manager Kimberly is also very sweet, and kind, and very respectful, and making sure the restaurant looks great! Definitely my favorite place to bring my kids to eat🤍.

    Julian Daniel
    April 23, 2024

    This one caught me off guard cause they were a little faster and smoother than most spots I’ve been too. No pictures of the food cause it didn’t last long. Only issue is I don’t remember seeing a name tag so anyone can claim this compliment. Nice, fast, attentive, hard working gal cause she and one or two others had a loaded house and still handled me and my buddy. Props.

    Gregory Fuerte
    March 26, 2024

    While the food at the restaurant was undeniably delicious, unfortunately, the service left much to be desired. Upon entering, I noticed that the restaurant wasn’t busy—only a handful of tables were occupied. The wait staff, consisting of just four individuals, huddled behind a partition. Despite being approximately 8 feet away from them, they seemed oblivious to my presence. The initial wait of around 5 minutes was understandable, but it was disheartening not to receive any acknowledgment. Once seated, our waitress took our drink and food orders. However, she maintained an unwavering focus on her notepad, never making eye contact. Considering there were only two tables to attend to, this lack of engagement felt like an inconvenience. The food itself was excellent, but the waitress failed to check in with us after serving it. Her absence left a sour taste in our mouths. While I don’t have her name, due to no name tag, this waitress exemplified poor service. As patrons, we expect courteous and attentive treatment. We hope that the restaurant takes steps to improve its service quality and ensures that other guests don’t encounter similar issues. Thank you for allowing me to share my experience, and I hope this feedback contributes to positive changes in the future.

    Debbie Haun
    November 17, 2023

    The gravy was tasteless, and watery, not to mention all the lumps. It looked and tasted like it had just been quickly made for my order. The mashed potatoes had something sticking out the side of them, and the corn was water logged and tasted like they had been made this morning and left in water. It was nasty. I hate in and out burger and would have had a much better meal from them! However, the gentleman that helped me was very friendly and helpful. The chicken fried steak itself was good.

    Suzanne Davis
    April 22, 2024

    Marcie and Francisco were super helpful at the Yuma AZ restaurant on 16th. Street. Marcie is a delight and make this weary travelers' day. Excellent customer service. I ate breakfast and lunch there. Very good food and as a vegetarian, I found lots to eat. Hope you take good care of these 2 and the other great employees at this location. Cheers S.Davis


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    1435 E 16th St, Yuma, AZ 85365, USA

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