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    January 19, 2024

    We almost missed out on the amazing food here. Sadly I’ve driven past this place for a year and a half, not stopping because I read the Google rating and reviews, giving it below 4 stars. Once again, my lack of faith in humanity is reinforced. How could anyone leave this establishment anything less than 5 stars is beyond me. There were comments in the reviews about it “being too expensive for the area”. I felt like this was the least expensive premium meal I’ve had in ages. All I can figure is that it’s the cheap, Canadian, med-tourists who come to get their dental work done because they cannot afford to have it done anywhere else leaving bad reviews. So Canadians, please don’t leave reviews for American restaurants. If you want to leave a review comparing Dunkin’ Donuts to Tim Horton, that’s acceptable. If you do insist, please put a capital “C” in the beginning, or at the minimum put “eh” at the end of every sentence so we can discount it from the rest of the reviews. Canadians don’t even eat good food. Their national dish is poutine; French fries covered in brown gravy. In all seriousness, my steak was incredible, and the best iceberg wedge I’ve ever had.

    Kimbra Selbie
    March 21, 2024

    We've been here twice before with no complaints and given 5 stars. Not so last night 3/8/24. I go there for the short rib. It's my favourite thing to eat and theirs is wonderful. I'm not much of a meat eater, but I can't pass up a good short rib. I was very disappointed when our waiter Carlos told me that they didn't have it because the chef won't cook it and it takes 3 days.??? So I choose the king crab legs and potato. Carlos said they didn't have that either. I questioned why they're even on the menu and he said "We're getting new menus next week". I decided to try the veal piccata. Well it arrived looking a bit gelatinous but on a bed of lovely looking angel hair pasta. My first bite was unbelievably salty. Making sure it wasn't just me, my 3 companions tried it and agreed that the dish was inedible. Carlos did take it off the bill and since my companions were almost finished their meal I asked to see the desert menu instead of ordering something else. After a little while, Carlos brings me a fruit cheesecake and says "It's on the house". I've never liked cheesecake and he could have brought almost anything else and I'd have loved it. If he had told me of the menu changes when we sat down, I'd have gone somewhere else. My friend was served a wine she didn't order and the requested horseradish never arrived. My companions said that the steak and lobster was very good, as was the Coq au vin. Next time I'll ask specific questions before we go again. UPDATE: I was contacted by the restaurant manager who felt terrible and wanted to make things right. She offered to host us for dinner next week. She assured me she would have a short rib for me. Very good and timely response from the restaurant. Bravo. 3/20 Dinner was terrific! Five stars.

    Heather Griffin
    March 16, 2024

    Literally the rudest people I have ever met. I showed up for an 8pm reservation that I made today. I waited for 2 hours just to be told they don’t have me down even though I spelled out my last name and everything for them when I called. I was told 8 or 8:30 was available and choose 8. Not only did they not have my reservation the ladies at the front laughed about this as they could tell I was upset. We won’t be back and we were regularly coming before this. Just poor customer service behavior and clearly don’t actually make your reservation when you call.

    Kristina McNear
    March 17, 2019

    Could be better with experienced cook staff. My husband order is steak medium and it was cooked medium well to well done, but flavored well. Doesn't have a mixed drink menu but they do make them upon request. Pork belly was okay. Crab cakes had shredded crabmeat instead of lumps but was decent...I wouldn't order again. Braised Short Ribs were delicious with the potatoes and gravy I don't think it was worth the price. Ambiance was nice. There is a bar and customers were loud as were the bartender. Our waitress was a sweetheart and was often checked upon by other waiters. The restaurant has an upscale feel, we dressed for a date but others were dressed for the Sizzlers. We won't return, but it was an experience worth $130 for 2, not including dessert.

    Deidra Cooper
    December 25, 2023

    Don't waist your time.. Some of the food for the Christmas buffet was good. The lobster was rubbery and gross. The Shrimp was delicious. I was here on Christmas day. I asked three times for them to play some Christmas music or any kind of background music. Only to be ignored. The place felt like a tomb with the tinging of silverware. The wait staff was nice but the service was poor. I felt like I was given attudue the whole time I had to ask for service at the table. Just a let down for a Christmas dining experience on Christmas and for my moms 80th birthday. After learning the restaurant I went and spoke with the manager of the casino. Just like the rest of the experience in this establishment I got a straight face look. It's the first time I've felt a strong feeling of prejudice. Hard PASS!

    Ironwood Steakhouse

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    525 Algodones Rd, Winterhaven, CA 92283, USA

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