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    William Barker
    May 14, 2024

    First off I want to start with the plumber they sent out did a good job and he was personable, I have no problems with him, or the final product, my issue is entirely with their company pricing scheme being atrocious. It's solely the fact that he was a good guy that saved this from a one-star review. Originally quoted >$800 for moving a hose bib exactly 4.5ft with new parts, capping a RV sewer drain, and replacing one bib that had frozen up with a new one. The estimator assumed it would take around four hours to complete. When I balked at that number they immediately asked what I would pay given what we assumed was the scope of the project being that there was metal pipe in the ground and assuming everything was where it should have been (spoiler, neither of those things were true). We ended up on settling for $600 which is *still* high for the work assumed to be being done (trimming metal pipes, having to cut new threads in so everything matches, and on) which comes out to about $150/hr which is only slightly high for a skilled trade but within reason, four hours gives them a *very* healthy buffer for a job that should only take maybe three given the conditions. Fast forward to the job being done... no metal pipe needed to cut or run other than the piece used for the bib riser as the buried pipes turned out to just be generic PVC, the 7.3ft of hand trenching that needed to happen for the job to replace the PVC section of the pipe ended up being less than half the depth originally figured (only 8-10 inches at deepest), and the plumber only needed to be present for less than 2 hours total because of the huge decrease in the complexity of the job. When I called in to discuss lowering the bill because the job turned out to be *massively* easier than they (and I) originally guessed... they took a hardline stance that it would be $600 because we agreed on $600 regardless of how the job changed once they actually started working on it. That puts their labor rate at >$300/hr effectively as the parts replaced were extremely cheap (not low quality, simply not expensive as a baseline). So, their profit margin on this job skyrocketed and they wanted to keep it that way. It's fine, I will never use them again and will actively discourage anyone else from ever doing so as well. You decide if that's fair to the customer or not, I don't believe it is. They could have actually maintained me as a customer had they been willing to negotiate at all on the bill instead of taking a completely hardline stance. Picture for refrence in case people cant quite picture what was done... the hose bib moved from roughly in line with the RV electrical post, to where it is in the picture. FYI, I would have been perfectly happy if we had simply split the difference between what was thought to need to be done, and what actually happened.

    Al Bowman
    March 07, 2024

    Jamie was very responsive and kind. His work is of highest quality and he utilizes the best materials. No cutting corners here. He was very open in sharing what was required by code and what wasn't. He took care of obtaining the permits needed and worked the job within 24 hours of getting the approved permit. I will definitely be calling them again should the need arise!

    Michael Carter
    April 12, 2024

    Edit: Most people seem to have a good experience, mine not so much, my experience started off well, end result was very disappointing Do NOT recommend these guys. Was sold on a water heater and was told it would be more than I needed. First couple uses I noticed hot water would only stay hot for about 2-3 minutes. The old unit would give about 10-15 minutes. Tested it multiple times and everytime would yield the same results. Called them and informed them, they sent the techs back out who Tested it and claimed it was hot for 7 minutes. I was given a run around about how if the washer was used at the same time then it wouldn't last and that you had to let the water heater fill back up completely before expecting that 7 minutes time. On top of this I asked for the model number for the water heater and found it was only about 400$ from home depot. When asked how much I was charged for this the answer I got was " we don't do itemized receipts" and that they had already discounted the service as well as threw in parts that i was not originally quoted, nice , so just have to guess what I'm being charged. I was charged over 1000 for this, 100ft of pex pipe, 2 switches, and "miscellaneous material"(this is materials only not labor) . On top of that when I called James and asked about this he argued with me and would not let me speak without going on a rant about how they tested it and the only remedy would be a bigger water heater, extremely unprofessional. I'm very disappointed in the overall experience as it started out very well and they seemed very honest. Original review: Good experience, couple details could have made it better. Had these folks come out and check out my trailer water system, upon investigation it was discovered the pipes were pretty corroded and would most likely need replaced to ensure no more issues. Went ahead with the suggested work and everything was installed fine. The techs were nice and informative. The only complaints I have is they did not clean up the left over mess in the bathroom, they left my house key in a different spot than I had asked, and I had asked them to check the function of a mini split unit before they had left. I was told on the phone that everything worked fine, come out the next morning and found that was not the case. All problems have been resolved so there is no major issue, however I feel they could pay attention to detail just a bit better

    Linda Reilly
    May 08, 2024

    Ordinarily my experiences with plumbing issues have not been pleasant. Jaime, with Sunflower Plumbing, completely changed my opinion. He took the time to explain the problem and was a pleasure to deal with. If you need assistance, call Sunflower Plumbing.

    June 29, 2023

    Had Gerardo from Sunflower Plumbing LLC come and give me an estimate and he said he would put in our water softener the day after I accepted the estimate. I took a couple days to think about it and sure enough a day after I accepted the estimate Gerardo was there on time to put in the water softener. He was great at explaining everything on how the system worked and what I needed to do to keep up with it. I enjoy working with companies who provide a great customer experience! Thank you guys!

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