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    Stephanie Renee Sandate
    March 27, 2024

    I am writing this review with a heavy heart and an extreme sense of disappointment over the inadequacies displayed by Yuma Mortuary. Under normal circumstances, I would wish to leave a positive review of a company's services, yet this time, regrettably, I am incapable of doing so, and it's absolutely crucial to address why. My stepfather was entrusted to Yuma Mortuary on March 23rd of 2024 by hospice . The gravity of the situation requires utmost professionalism and delicacy. However, to my appalling surprise, an audacious breach of this trust occurred when only one lone employee arrived at my parents' residence to retrieve my stepfather. To add insult to injury, he unreasonably requested assistance from my stepfather's brothers and nephew to carry my dads body to their van. Disheartened by this thoughtless act, my family was very much inclined to grant the final respects to my stepfather through another, more professional, mortuary. This intention led to a heartless interaction with a female employee, who not merely lacked the necessary sympathy, but exhibited rude and unjust behavior. When my sister was contacted by them over the phone, a discussion about the total charges ensued. The dollar amount demanded by your female employee amounted to $1035, a price which we found steep and distressing in such sorrowful circumstances. When my sister respectfully inquired if there could be a possibility to negotiate on the uttermost amount, the reaction she received was profoundly insensitive. The woman bluntly stated, "No, if they want them to release our dad, we had to pay that $1035". Her rude, unprofessional behavior left my family in utter shock and despair. It's an outrage to witness such a lack of humanity during our time of grief. Frankly speaking, the harsh and downright disrespectful conduct of your employees is unacceptable and reprehensible. I find it incredibly unjust and unprofessional. I can vow with great certainty that I won't be recommending Yuma Mortuary to anyone in the future. 3.27.2024 Reply: Never once did I say I was speaking as a 3 party I was there when it all went down, my step fathers brothers and nephew asked the employee cause he was by himself and course give our father the respect and yes the hospice nurse stated that you guys were the ONLY on call mortuary available! Now for the phone calls I was next to my sister when she spoken to the employee over the phone. So please do not come on here thinking you can twist your plot of the story cause you want to keep your contract with yuma County as the go to mortuary and make it seem like your mortuary isn't corrupt and taking advantage of my amazing yuma Community! I will make sure this gets reported and a form complaint with the state and Yuma county gets done!

    Jazzy and Ava J
    August 10, 2023

    I had a wonderful experience here. My mother in law passed away on February 11, 2023. A few weeks later when we looked at her name on their website, they planted a tree in her honor. This wasn't something we paid for or was already paid for. I believe this was something they did for our family..I do t know if this is standard practice but it was a beautiful gesture for our family and made us feel some type of way. Compassionate all the way through and 100% recommend!

    Nicole Meadows
    June 20, 2023

    I was well served by Cecilia. She did some pre-steps that shortened the process of sending cremains to a veterans National cemetery and I am most thankful for her and this mortuary.

    Austin Asper
    November 16, 2021

    I worked with Darren and he was very helpful every step of the way. He was always on top of things and very friendly. As a funeral director myself, I would highly recommend this establishment to anyone in need.

    Randy Woods
    June 27, 2022

    Be prepared to be ripped off if you live out of town. They charged $200 to ship my mom's ashes, but the post office charge was $83. Refused to issue a refund for the difference!

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