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11274 S Fortuna Rd, Yuma, AZ 85367, USA

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    Doug olmstead
    November 16, 2023

    Haven't been to one before. Very clean. Fast polite service. California dbl stack, fries, drink $5. Hell of a lot better ( price/ taste) than BK or Mc. Glad I stopped in. Not very busy though, and open 24hrs.

    Connie Stewart
    June 21, 2023

    Our sandwiches were very dry .. almost no BBQ sauce on my burger... I'll have to go back to South Dakota to get a good one ... The fries were not even hot ... We ate there.... So no excuses for cool fries... It'll do in a pinch .. but now I understand why the parking lot is empty most days that I go by

    Duff Minter
    December 18, 2023

    I was at Carl's for lunch. 12/17 Went there due to a sale on the California classic meal. Let me say I so enjoy Carl's. I don't eat out of the house often at all. Can't afford it. But I went ahead and did it. At carls counter, I asked how much for upsize to medium California classic meal, 78 cents was the amount. I went ahead and Got that. Didn't realize till I got the meal, that it was not the special price plus the .78 plus tax. Went to the counter, It was then I was told the medium size meal was not allowed as an upgrade for the 5.99 special. I would absolutely not have gotten medium upgrade at 1.78 more than the sale price. Quite a disappointment. I'm a disabled man on a very limited income. This was my treat for the month. Now, I thought, ok, it's a dollar, forget it. So I get my food, I'm eating a couple fries, and... mediocre at best, and not warm enough to be acceptable, but fine, I'll just eat them, had a few more, then oh yes, time for that Carl's burger. Hell yes. I open it, and I swear, it's smaller then last I got this burger, but, maybe it just seems that way. My mouth is seriously watering, take that first charbroiled bite. Oh my what a disappointment. Not warm enough, I took a couple bites, and the burger began falling though the bun was stale and the meat, wasn't meat. The bun slowly crumbled into flaky raisin sized bits, the meat did somewhat the same, just not as bad. The flavor of the meat tasted absolutely nothing like any meat I've had. It had a texture I've never experienced. The burger and fries were an utter disappointment. Soda however, was spot on. I've been going to Carl's since the late 70s, and I believe it's amazing. This trip, not at all. If this was my first trip, there would never be a second.

    Bridgett Andrews
    April 05, 2024

    I hate that they always make you pull around and park when going through the drive thru when they aren't even busy! I don't go through the drive thru just to park so you can meet your quota on time or whatever the reason. Also, almost every time I go, they are always out of what I want. Food is okay

    Jeffery Snell
    November 12, 2023

    The epitome of idiocy. My first visit here, I went through the drive-thru so I could get it and go home. After paying, we were directed to park in front, where they have designated drive-thru parking. On my second visit, I decided that if I had to park, I may as well go inside. They brought my food to my table馃憤. BUT, I then had to go back up to the counter to get Ketchup and Napkins. There won't be a third visit any time soon. Why do these fast food places implement idiot policies designed to inconvenience the customer. DO BETTER Carl's Jr.

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